Announcement Wednesday 14th August 2020

We are an official ‘COVID-safe’ venue and are still operating under strict guidelines from the NSW Government. Our overall capacity limit has risen to 300, however bookings and group sizes remain at 10. Social distancing of 1.5m is mandatory and we have a COVID marshal who will be wandering around ensuring this is upheld. The regulations for outside have changed from 1 person every 4sqm to 1 person every 2sqm so our outside area capacity has increased!

The newest changes to Glenorie RSL are; we are now letting in visitors if they live over 5km away, the playground is opening on a trial basis with it’s very own set of rules (see below) and the capacity limit has increased.

With all this in mind we ask that you please be kind to our staff. It was only a little while ago that we were closed and customers couldn’t come in at all. The guidelines are in place to help us remain safe and be able to stay open for business. So next time one of our staff asks you kindly to sign up, sign in, sit down or keep a safe social distance, please be respectful and do as they say or you may be asked to leave. They are only doing their jobs and we are just trying to remain open.

Safety – Please stay home if you’re feeling at all unwell. The safety of our community is our first priority. Upon entry to the RSL you will be asked various standard questions. If you are showing any signs of illness you may be refused entry or requested to leave. If this is the case we ask that you only return once you have medical clearance. If you have returned from international travel within the past 14 days, or have been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 cases, we ask that you self quarantine for 14 days before entering Glenorie RSL. As with normal life, please keep a safe social distance of 1.5m from anyone who does not live within your immediate household.

Members –  We have reviewed our members only rule, if you live within 5km of the club you will need to become a member, as is required by law under the Registered Clubs Act 1976, Section 30(10). Otherwise, we are letting visitors back in to the RSL Club by signing into our sign in terminals.  You can renew memberships or join on entrance to the RSL. One year membership is $5.50.

Visitor Arrival – Patrons will enter Glenorie RSL through the main entrance only. Employees will be located at the front of the venue to welcome patrons and run through our procedures. Patrons are asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival. All patrons will be required to sign in using a QR code, so that in the event of contact tracing being required, the information will be quickly and readily available.

Cleaning – We have implemented additional cleaning measures to ensure a high level of cleaning and sanitizing. We are doing this to ensure the safety of you and our staff. As such sometimes, this may make waiting times a little bit longer and we thank you in advance for understanding.

Service – Patrons are allowed to order drinks from bar and there are floor patches of safe areas to stand. Additionally, we have implemented a new table ordering procedures for our bistro to minimise lines. There will be welcoming staff at the front door on arrival who will walk you through our procedures and guide you to your table. We ask once you get to your table that you remain there, unless needing to us the bathroom or bar, or relocating to other areas of the Club such as the Backyard and gaming areas.

Gaming –  We have re-configured our gaming room to ensure a safe social distance between each machine. We now, where practical, only accommodate the suggested spacing. The Tab room is now a part of the indoor gaming room. You must sit at the designated chairs whilst playing (no standing) and can not sit at a machine, next to somebody else, unless you are from the same household.

TAB – The TAB is now located at the end of the lounge

Smoking – The smoking balcony is open, although there is a limit. You may sit out here, but please be considerate. If the area is full and someone walks out to have a smoke. Someone will need to leave the balcony to allow for that. The Outdoor gaming room will remain a smoking area, however you are only allowed in there if you are using a gaming machine. You may smoke in the Backyard at a point on the fence near the driveway, there is an ashtray attached where you are allowed.

The Backyard – The Backyard is now fully open!! Although the kids play area is open, adults are still to remain seated, see below for info.

Playground – The moment you’ve all been waiting for, our playground and grassed area is open! At this point it’s on a trial basis. The playground and grassed area is a no food or drink zone. Adults are permitted in these areas, but must be seated. Children can be assisted by an adult.  Children must be under supervision at all times but you will need to do this from your table, or the seating provided as adults must remain seated at all times unless going to the bar, toilet or re-locating. Whilst this segregation is in place, by allowing your child onto the play area, you are accepting all responsibility for your child’s wellbeing and agree to indemnify Glenorie RSL Club Ltd. and our employees, harmless from any incidents arising from your child’s involvement in the aforementioned play area.

Dining and The Burrow Bookings – As all other rooms within the club we have a strict 4sqm capacity limit in these areas. We recommend booking ahead of time to guarantee a table. Bookings are limited to 10 people. Each booking will have a 2 hour seating time, after this time is up you may be asked the leave to accommodate a new group of people. We ask that you please remain seated, unless using the bar or restrooms.

Specials – INTRODUCING a limited run of specials. We will be running three $12 lunch specials options, available Mon-Friday. We are also bringing back $12 Chicken Schnitzels on Monday Nights. Our usual specials will be back eventually, until then, we thank you for your understanding.

Regular promotions – Introducing a new meat raffle for Friday Nights! All normal weekly promotions such as Badge Draw and Raffles have been put on hold until further notice in accordance with regulations.

Special Promotions and Events – Information on our special yearly events and promotions such as Father’s Day, Halloween etc. will be released as restrictions are eased and regulations update, all whilst still keeping patron safety at the top of our priority list.

Live Entertainment – Our normal live entertainment still remains postponed, we are starting up a brand new ‘Backyard Sessions’ which is live acoustic music over dinnertime on Friday Nights. As with the rules, everyone must remain seated and group sizes are limited to 10 people.

Function Bookings – please contact the office at concerning any prior function bookings that were cancelled that you would like to reschedule or any new booking you would like to make. We can try our best to accommodate you whilst still adhering to strict regulations imposed by government.

Signage – Health and hygiene reminders are located throughout the venue, including information about social distancing and recommended hygiene procedures. Staff will be monitoring social distancing, as well as regularly cleaning and sanitising the venue. We ask that you be responsible and practice good hygiene and safety measures.